Banking Expert

Bank Expert is a comprehensive centralized administration platform for integrated management and control of core banking applications. It offers a bundled infrastructure that caters to the IT and networking needs, specially modeled to create enhanced customer experience for urban and district co-operative banks, and regional rural banks.

Bank Expert caters to the key challenges as identified within the functional tiers of financial institutions through an innovative approach. It helps the seamless management of their online application services, which in turn results in effective business operation.

Developers at Kimaya Infotech have paid the due consideration towards industry feedback to introduce Bank Expert as a singular software solution for all types of banking needs.

  • As opposed to the minimum requirement of two servers, Bank Expert needs a bare minimum of one server for application hosting.
  • Clients need not worry about the recurring hunt for operating system compatibility.
  • The proprietary database architecture grants freedom from the periodic cycle of license renewal.
  • Simplifies branch-level networks with the elimination of need for physical routers & switches.
  • Inherent security features in connecting servers nullify the requirement of branch-level firewall protection.
  • Linux OS configured on-device anti-virus software installations.
  • In-built data replication software excludes the necessity of iterative heavy-cost installations.
  • Lightweight Linux OS for maximum RAM utilization and optimized application performance.

The Bank Expert architecture accommodates several modules that have been designed under explicitly detailed considerations to cater to the sundry needs of the financial institutions and their direct customers.

  • Service parameterization for effective data processing, referencing, and extraction
  • Automated customer profiling for ease of sorting and management
  • Customized account categorization for profile tracing and auditing
  • Cash, transfer, and clearing scrolls for exchange & entry management
  • Other account-related customer servicing & information handling
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