Digital E Lottery vs Paper Lottery

How Digital E-Lottery Overcame The Traditional Paper Lottery Industry

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The E lottery is now replacing the traditional paper lottery, which has been common since past few decades. It is a convenient form of application which has now spread globally ever since it was first launched. After digital lottery was launched worldwide, the traders were overwhelmed with the response of players and decided to take their business online. Lottery Software is technically advanced and beautifully designed to rule the Indian e-lottery portals. The online lottery software is designed by keeping its basic clients in mind, with the basic user interface. Due to its convenient usage, the application helps smooth transactions of sales and purchase to all the wholesalers and retailers. 

Online lottery management software providers have designed the user interface in such a manner that the user can operate an individual client's quota easily. The user can handle all the operations like consolidating the data, managing the lottery clusters and relations entries. Digital lottery software has reduced expenses and overheads, as nowadays secure platforms on internet help in carrying out the operations smoothly. The payments and transactions are done timely and securely with the use of safe technology. This helps in gaining trust of the clients, who come back to gaming again. 

Paper lottery v/s digital lottery

The nature of lotteries is such that diverse rules and regulations are needed to make it function smoothly. Although, e lottery has come more into power and taken over the traditional paper business, it has its own set of risks which are mostly neglected. Let's look at few differences between the traditional paper lottery and E lottery.

E lottery System

Paper lottery System

E lottery does not require space and human interaction, it brings     players together in a given cyber space.
Paper lottery requires a physical space, maintenance and direct contact with players.
E lottery caters to a much wider range of people as it brings      people from the globe over the  geographical boundaries.
Paper lottery comes with geographical boundaries  and it has to follow local rules & regulations.
The E lottery is all online. It involves people playing in a cyberspace  where there is no interaction involved. Hence, building trust can be  a little difficult at times.
Paper lottery requires direct human contact. Hence,  building trust in this is easier. 
In this, people play for huge amounts of money. This portal gives  them the liberty to plan and create strategies.
Here, everything is done in one place at the same  time. Hence, there is no time for planning. Only  executing is the key here.
It provides higher flexibility. It has options in its prices, promotions, discounts, etc. Hence there is no clear understanding  of the rules.
Paper lottery is not flexible as an E lottery. It has a  clear set of rules, fixed pricing and rewards.
These portals have to be updated from time to time because there  is no space for technical glitches here. 
Paper lotteries have no such requirements. They  are operated in the same manner as they used to    be.
It is essential for the E lottery lottery businesses to operate with  utmost security mechanisms for online transactions.
In case of paper lottery, no such security mechanisms I required as there is no online   transaction.

E Lottery Expert - The best lottery technology platform by Kimaya and its features
An E lottery expert has  one of the best lottery software as this online lottery software development company holds expertise in dealing with online players. Well qualified professionals are teamed up by the company to develop fantastic softwares and they even provide assistance to clients in case of confusions. E lottery experts function internationally and every demographic detail is provided to the clients during operations. The e-lottery app is developed with state-of the art technology which has a highly efficient system of managing cash and it keeps a complete record of transactions done by the players. No booths are required to sell the tickets as it can be done online with a web app. You have access to the app 24/7 and can trade tickets anytime, even in remote areas. This low investment business can be initialized easily and can provide quick results. 

The primary features of this best lottery software program are:

    • The Linux platform is used in developing the app which is compatible globally. 
    • Financial transactions can be safely done since the app is totally encrypted.
    • Multiple transactions of large amounts can be done quickly. 
    • The app has a built in accounting system for easy functioning. 
    • Hardware requirements of the agents are minimized.
    • Client friendly User interface which can be customized.  
    • Online support by E-lottery Expert by Kimaya during and after installation.  

    Online lottery and Market Response

    As stated by prnewswire global lottery market to grow at a CAGR of 9.44% during the period 2017-2021.  The lottery market globally has started taking advantage of the growing opportunity by allowing it to expand demographically. The traditional lotteries are being gradually replaced by E lottery in order to sell the digitized versions of the lottery tickets. Since the government has simplified the rules of digital lotteries, the growth scenarios in the worldwide market have increased. Legalization of lotteries will further assist in providing lots of finance to the government. E lottery Industry is expected to get a great boost in the future and develop as a new mode of entertainment. Don't wait anymore and win easy money through e lottery.

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