E Lottery Expert

Meet India’s first online lottery application “E-Lottery Expert,” a state-of-the-art solution for lottery transactions for the traditional paper lottery industry and lottery accounting. This turnkey application quickly branched its way into global avenues ever since it was first introduced to the users. The E-Lottery Expert gained the love and appreciation from leading lottery giants in and outside India. When it comes to the technical specifications and beauty of architecture, the application enjoys unbeatable dominance in the Indian landscape.

The design of e-Lottery Expert has been crafted with its core users in mind, be it the Single-user Lottery Expert or the Multi-user Lottery Expert. The simple user interface offers operational convenience for each of its users. This implies that the main stockist, as well as retailers can execute lottery purchase, sales activities, and inward & outward transactions with seamless convenience. The lottery management software helps a user to handle individual quota for each customer or consolidate it, block sale to customers, and manage lottery groups & relation entries. As an online lottery software provider, Kimaya Infotech provides built-in accounting support with the application program. This saves customers the time and cost for installation of additional accounting packages and data re-entry. Its integrated accounting package manages sundry accounting books, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash control, balance sheet, and tax reporting.

Featured Specifications:

  • Application developed on Linux platform to provide universal compatibility
  • End-to-end encrypted for secure financial transactions
  • Multiple high-volume transactions processed within milliseconds
  • Built-in accounting modules for ease of operations
  • In-house database routines compiled in C language instead of SQL for high-speed processing
  • Indexing enabled recovery from system failure interruptions
  • Bare minimum hardware resource requirement
  • Robust quality, cost effective secure working solution
  • Customizable user friendly application interface to suit operator’s computer skills
  • Complete pre and post installation software support

Do more with E-Lottery Expert

Each time a customer opts for the E-Lottery Expert, it signs up for extended facilities of the India’s best lottery software program.

  • View distinct system displays, which suit different executive roles viz. manager, supervisor, chief operator & operator
  • Maintain transaction history sorted by lottery number and drawn date
  • Generate lottery or group wise bill reports
  • Generate draw, bill, and/or account wise receipts & reports
  • Manage daily/weekly/monthly/annual purchases
  • Import data from existing .txt /.dbf file formats
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