Open Source Technology for Core Banking Solution & Software

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Bank Expert by Kimaya Infotech is probably only one of its kinds of Core Banking Solution built using Open Source Technologies.

What are Open Source Technologies?

Open source Technologies are the technologies that are not proprietary belongs to or owned by any single entity, may it be a person or an enterprise. Good examples of NOT an Open Source Technology could be Microsoft Windows operating systems and Databases from Oracle.

Similarly good example of open source technology is Linux operating system. The source code that was written for this Linux operating system, over a period of time, had contributions in source code from literally thousands of software developers from all around the world.

The main objective behind making this source code of Linux operating system "open" to the world is to prevent monopoly on the code and operating system. Anybody or any enterprise for that matter can obtain this source code as it is and modify or customize it according to their particular needs. 

Is it possible with operating system like Windows? -NO! You only can use it and cannot modify single line of code in it if you need to do so.

That was the reason Kimaya Infotech had strategically decided to use open source technologies for its Core Banking Solution. Of course it takes far more dedication, efforts with technical expertise and right mindset to work on open source technologies. In fact it challenges your entire enterprise to adopt open source technology to develop and built successful product around it.

At the same time if you have what it takes to adopt and work on open source technologies, you are at FREEDOM. For you the sky becomes the limit.

Founders of Kimaya Infotech and their teams took this challenge to use open source technology as an opportunity just because it offers Freedom to work on, compared to other technologies where one does not have room and permission to modify or customize the code.

The decision turned right and efforts paid back in terms of the Bank Expert which truly speaking is the only one of its kinds of core banking solution available in the market which is entirely based on open source technologies.

Want to know more about this journey? Come back again or just contact us to know how Bank Expert can help your bank.

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