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Core Banking Expert

Bank Expert is a comprehensive centralized administration platform for integrated management and control of core banking applications. It offers a bundled infrastructure that caters to the IT and networking needs, specially modeled to create enhanced customer experience for urban and district co-operative banks, and regional rural banks.

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E Lottery Expert

Meet India’s first online lottery application “E-Lottery Expert,” a state-of-the-art solution for lottery transactions for the traditional paper lottery industry and lottery accounting. This turnkey application quickly branched its way into global avenues ever since it was first introduced to the users. The E-Lottery Expert gained the love and appreciation...

E lottery Solution - kimaya infotech
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Online Gaming

Kimaya Infotech remains an industry leader when it comes to online gaming software and casino entertainment. Dedicated to recreating the ecstasy and enthusiasm of real sports, the company has created a plethora of online games customized to suit just about any market. All games developed by Kimaya Infotech are based on the server client technology. Designed with the player expectations and desires in mind, our games offer the players with a really amazing gaming experience.