Most Thrilling Online Casino Games

The Most Thrilling Online Casino Games Ready to Entertain Gaming Industry

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Get ready to enjoy the thrill of the casino with futuristic casino games. The number of people who love casino gaming is huge. After so many technological advancements, the face of gaming has been changed. Now, the people can enjoy casino gaming online with ease. 

In a few recent years, the casino gaming industry has developed enormously and making great revenue every year. For those who don't have an idea, online casino is not a new concept. In fact, online casinos have been around for about two decades. Earlier, people took pleasure in having time off while being adventurous in chorus. Such places were located in central locations in the city and facilitated the people to loosen up after a tiring day. This concept leads to the discovery of interesting casino games. Online games allow the people to play with other players just like a real casino. 

World's very first online casino game was developed in the 1990 and since that time the industry has been growing with all leaps and bounds. At current scenario, more than 2,000 online casinos are available for you.  A good number of websites allow the casino lovers to enjoy an array of casino games. Modern day online casinos are amazing and the players can enjoy all kinds of casino games, including bingo, poker, sports betting and many more. 

The days are gone when you need to visit the nearest play station, now you can have the pleasure of casino games on your PC, laptop, or mobile phone, anytime anywhere. 

Online Gaming Software 

Kimaya Infotech is one of the leading and highly cherished online gaming software development company engaged in developing top-notch and contemporary casino gaming software and online casino games. Established in 1994, our company has become a leader in the domain. With more than 23 years of rich experience, we have become a specialist in offering incredible online gaming solutions. We develop feature-rich advanced online casino games that regularly get appreciation all around the globe. 

Being an experienced online gaming software provider, we do understand the expectations of modern users and players and design online gaming software and games keeping in mind their expectations. We utilize cutting-edge technologies, platform and framework to develop ultimate, high-performance casino management system. Our software features are widely appreciated among die-hard fans of casino.   

Our casino games are designed for pure entertainment and fun. Depending on the specific expectations of the game players, they can involve real money in the game or can play with fake money or points. 

The Best Casino Games by Kimaya Infotech


Derby Casino Game by Kimaya Infotech
- Derby is the ultimate betting software and horse racing game. Make as many bets as you can and have great fun. It is a virtual horse racing game. Make a bet on your favorite horse and win the game. The games are designed with amazing graphics and sound effects. The games make you feel like you are watching a real horse race. The past performances of the horses are given and you can pick a right horse for a bet. 


Keno Casino Game by Kimaya Infotech
- Experience casino gaming and explore the opportunities to win a lot with keno. You need to match up 10 numbers from a random draw of 20 numbers. Striking graphics and sound effects create a casino like ambience for the players. Keno has become a popular choice among casino game lovers. 


Roulette Casino Game by Kimaya Infotech
- Roulette is one of the highly cherished online games that facilitate the players to enjoy a variety of bets. Roulette system is one of those virtual sports where a randomizing element plays a crucial role in the result. The players can place bets on a single or various numbers along with red and black color. As the name indicates, a roulette wheel with pockets of numbers from 0 to 36. When a ball falls on the selected number and color on the wheel pockets, the player wins.  

3 Dice 

Dice Casino Game by Kimaya Infotech
- Dice is a simple yet full of fun game that offers a wonderful casino gaming experience to the players. Played with three dice, the game is based on your guess work. Choose your favorite number from 3 to 18 and try your luck with dice. 

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