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WannaCry Ransomware Attacks - Are You In Safe Hands?

by Admin

Wannacry ransomware cyber attack started on 12 May 2017, Friday, and it has affected around 230,000 computers of about 150 countries worldwide. The attack has been reportedly done by wanna-cry ransom-ware crypto-worm, which is mainly targeting computers running on Windows operating system. They encrypt the data on the computer and ask for ransom in return.  Wannacry also known as wannacrypt or wanna Decrypter, hackers demands ransom in Bitcoin currency. The scale of the attack has been extraordinary and Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan and India are the most affected countries of the world. 

Wannacry has mainly affected the non-updated computers through internet and local networks. Microsoft had created prevention against the malware in March but non-updated computers were not protected. 

Third severest hit nation by Wannacry ransomware was India, where more than 40,000 systems were hacked. It is ironic that no corporation or bank has reported any interruption in their activities, so maybe they are not revealing the attack. 

The damage done by ransomware malware seems to be trivial, but India's outdated systems were expected to be at risk. However, there is no surety that in future the systems won't be attacked again. 

Many Indian corporates are still under threat of these attacks as the complexity of wannacry ransomware is increasing and sadly several companies from private or public sectors continue to use non-updated systems, which makes it more vulnerable. 

Kimaya has come up with a shield against the malware, so if you are using software programs by Kimaya, you don't have to worry anymore. Clients of Kimaya are in safe hands due to a customized operating system provided to them. This system is infused with a special security program for protection against viruses and malware. 

The Kimaya's applications connect through the high end firewall system which is thoroughly encrypted and protected and defends your operating system from wannacry ransomwere attacks. Till the date, no attack has been found on any of our client machines and there was no major impact on business.

However, the clients are requested to install the latest upgrade in order to be completely safe from the attacks. Protect your valuable data from ransomware cyber attacks by timely checking for upgrades from Kimaya.

Does Wannacry affect my machine?

As per observation, only Windows based operating systems have been affected by the Malware. In March a software update was released by Microsoft, which had the power to protect the system from risk, but many people did not update it and they faced the attack.

How should I protect my device?

If your computer has windows installed, then update all the softwares. It is always safe to stay away from spam or suspicious mails. Stay away from unknown links, unexpected files. Install a trusted and updated antivirus in your system. Pirated softwares and OS are more vulnerable, so do not use them. Use an updated operating device. 

In case my computer is infected, what should I do?

Sorry, there is still no solution to fix Wannacry ransomeware, so the files are permanently encrypted. Nothing can be done now. 

My system is not infected, but I am so worried, what to do?

Always keep a backup of necessary files and update your computer now. Upgrade all your softwares in the computer and keep all the systems safe with the help of IT professionals.

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