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What is Core Banking Solution and Kimaya's Core Banking Expert Software ?

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The banking sector witnessed some drastic changes in the last few years and the entire process became highly advanced. Banks have redefined their business goals and they introduced some innovative methods to interact with the customers. The key here is to serve people well and reduce their worries. Banks offer a plethora of other products and they are not only confined to financial transactions. The operations have become streamlined and one thing is linked with the other. core banking solution has been a buzzword for many years and simply put it is a system, which facilitates seamless operation between networked branches.

What Does Core Banking Mean?

The centralized system connects the member branches and customers can easily access their account and perform the basic transactions. The different transactions are not geo-specific anymore and core banking solution removes the barriers completely. The word 'CORE' denotes "Centralized Online Real-Time Exchange". The information exchanges occur instantaneously and the centralized online server accesses the queries from the branches. Implementing core banking has been a crucial decision for the banks, as it affected the overall business operation. The success of this project leads to increased profitability, tremendous competitiveness and improved customer satisfaction. Modern banking software helps in giving a better experience to the clients. 

Core Banking - How is it Beneficial to Banks?

Banks are strongly focusing on increased productivity and better customer service. New and improved online banking software is being developed to offer some amazing benefits to the customers and build long-lasting relationships. Here is a list of the advantages that core banking brings.

  • Managing the relationship with customers is much easier now, as banks can get a comprehensive view of the customer.
  • Core banking helps in process standardization between the banks and their branches. 
  • Transactions become more accurate and fast. 
  • The CBS facilitates better management of customer records and other related documents. As the database is centralized, the data can be accessed quickly. 
  • Submitting reports to regulatory boards is totally seamless and this banking software has eased up this process.
  • The banking activities became more convenient and everything from account opening to interest calculation can be done easily. Policy changes can also be implemented effortlessly.

How is Core Banking Advantageous to Customers?

Core banking has helped regular customers in many ways and things keep getting better. How is it helpful? Let's find out.

  • Different baking services like depositing money, withdrawing, balance enquiry, etc. are accessible from any particular location and they are much more quicker. 
  • Multi-channel banking is made available and customers can utilize new age tools like mobile banking, net banking, etc. 
  • Accurate information is available in a timely manner and this leads to better customer service. 
  • Banking can be done 24x7 and that too for any particular place through ATMs.
  • A centralized datacenter gives access to all branches, so the deposit can be made in any branch. Customers get better accessibility and geographical obstacles are totally removed.

Core Banking Software

Different banking software companies have come up with exceptional products and they offer a wide range of advantages. But while making the selection, some things must be kept in mind. Banks always focus on making transactions convenient and a robust online banking software is needed for that. Some banks opt for third-party software packages and it is equally advantageous. The software for banking must meet the primary objectives and produce the required results. Secondly, speed is also an important aspect along with the price. Vendor's reputation is a crucial thing here, as it impacts the ROI.

Banking Expert: Core Banking Solution

Banking expert by Kimaya Infotech is a revolutionary product and it is a solution banks can trust. There are different core banking software vendors in the market, but Kimaya offers something different. Capital investment is greatly reduced and banks can enjoy a cost-effective experience. The software features a unique technological innovation and it is highly reliable. As a result, the business operation becomes highly effective and this software solution became a preferable choice for many reputed banks.

A customized Linux OS is already installed and clients don't have to be pay additional costs for this. License fees of anti-virus, database and the OS is totally exempted and it is given by Kimaya. The transaction process is secured by SSL 528 Bit Encryption and sensitive data remains protected. The bandwidth requirement is also very low and the connectivity problems are smartly sorted out. All these advantages helped Kimaya Infotech find a place among the leading core banking solution providers in India. This customized solution is revolutionizing Core banking and changing customer experiences.

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